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Are you looking for suppliers in China?

Any item or service, please tell us what you need, quantities, delivery times, and we will present a free quote within a week. We have conducted a thorough market study; we look for suitable suppliers and negotiate with them the best conditions for you.

The best provider contract with China

China’s legislation is complicated. We take care to verify the reliability of the company we work with and the content of the contract to sign, thereby avoiding future complications.

We protect your investment

Guarantying the security of purchasing transactions. Request more information about payment and company policy.

Quality control

During the manufacturing process and shipping the consignment, we monitor the quality based on demands and certificates required by the client. Quality control is a key component of our company policy. We do not leave out any products until approved by us. We are your eyes in the production process.

We manage the delivery of the goods


By air, sea or truck, we make sure your goods will get to destiny in optimal condition, complying with the timing and minimum cost. Please ask us about the different options, we will offer the best alternative to suit your needs.


We handle customs clearance prepare and submit the required documentation by Customs in China and supervise the shipment until it passes all phases of customs inspection. We manage customs tariffs in China.

Storage Service

We provide temporary storage service. Sometimes the goods are purchased to different suppliers, or manufactured in parts. We give the option to store until the date of departure of the vessel carrier. 

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